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Day 9 · Kyoto, Japan Scroll down

The concept is simple: 9 hours. One hour to check-in and shower, seven hours to sleep in your pod, and an additional hour to get ready in the morning.

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9h was every bit as beautiful as we had read about and seen on pictures, or even more. Everything is well thought out for you to use just the ideal time in the hotel, 9 hours, and everywhere you look you can see delicate white cleverly designed pieces. Some might feel it’s too clinical, but it all adds up to the personality of the place and to the overall experience. The iconography is just brilliant, clever and simple, like the hotel itself, and a delight for anyone who appreciates effective design.

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There are separate floors for men and women even though they are very much the same. There are two capsules floors and one for lockers, showers and the bathtub. In the locker you can find two hangers, two towels, a set of toothbrush and toothpaste, and your pyjamas for the night. Before going to bed, you should take a shower and dip yourself in the bathtub after you have taken a shower, for relaxation purposes, and let me tell you, it feels great.

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The capsule itself is amazing. It has a room enough for you to sit comfortably in it, and two tiny shelves where you can put your belongings, like the keys to your locker or your cell phone, watch, rings, etc. It has a watch where you can set you alarm for the next day and a “sleep” button that you can push to go to sleep. The lights will slowly tone down until it goes completely off, and while that happens some sounds can be heard supposedly with the right frequency that will make you relaxed enough to have a good night sleep. The next day a few minutes before the hour you set up the lights will slowly go up again until a really bright light comes up to make sure you are completely awake.

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It was most surely a different and unique experience.

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