The last stroll

Day 18 · Chiyoda, Tokyo Scroll down

We got our market stroll and shopping done before the morning was half gone, so walked to the Imperial Palace gardens to try to see the palace.

Little did we know that the Imperial palace is only open two times per year to the public, for special occasions, so you can only see it from afar. But the trip was not worthless as we walked around the business center of Tokyo taking in its very tall buildings and posed surroundings, trying to find the mythical Sukiyabashi Jiro. To our surprise, Jiro himself was there, and we were a bit star-struck, we have to admit.

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And again we headed off to Shinjuku. We wanted to leave Tokyo with a nice memory for lunch and a light bento dinner, so we went to the first ticket restaurant that we had been in Tokyo the first time around — the katsudon place — and we ordered the most basic but very delicious one. After some heavy UFO gaming and a bag full of fluffy toys earned with our sweat and button pushing techniques we headed back to the hotel but got on the wrong train, that somehow led us back to Akihabara again, where we could fully take in its night but shiny atmosphere.

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We got our bento boxes back in Ginza and had our dinner at the hotel, looking out at the lit skyscrapers of beautiful Tokyo, knowing that the day after we would not say our goodbyes — see ya later was much much more appropriate.

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